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Some thoughts on…

Gears 5

Chainsaw-toting rifles and grunting protagonists with extreme biceps. Now with crystal-enhanced cave-dwelling monsters to mow down! Of course, as in past entries, everything gets bigger and badder as the story unfolds. I’m halfway and waiting for my Gears-fatigue to wear off… I just had to do 3 & 4 in anticipation for this… a week before I got pre-launch access…

Breath of the Wild

The definitive ”must-have” for Nintendo Switch. One of the best video games ever. Took a long time to finish, thanks to an intriguingly vast world filled with surprises. I never wanted to face the big boss and end it. If only I could wipe my mind and experience it first-hand again… I still have plenty of side-quests left to do though while waiting for the sequel.